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so im going to leakycon in orlando this week with some friends!!! im really excited and since i dont have the funds to work on a new cosplay, i am instead using my ravenclaw tie (a lovely souvenir from the harry potter store in kings cross) to create a closet-cosplay ravenclaw rose!! im very excited about this bc this is 100% things i already owned and i didn’t intentionally buy anything for the cosplay, except the tie (which was only semi intentional, seeing as ravenclaw is my house)

tbh im kinda worried about cosplaying homestuck to a harry potter convention and im hoping i can find some people to hang out with because i dont know anyone who is going for me to meet up with while the rest of my group might attend panels and whatnot, but even so, homestucks live on (or at least i do idk)


This is the first time I was upset to not see a pale blog at the bottom of a post.

My promstuck outfit was super cute (though i didn’t end up goin’ grey)

You are pretty

Thank you, love!


found two kitties cuddling by the sea

Pokémon the Movie: Heroes.

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